H2O CALC 1.1.1

H2O CALC 1.1.1


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H2O Calc provides a quick and easy method to estimate your household water usage. As water resources become further stressed by increasing demands, each of us can make a difference by using water wisely. H2O CALC provides awareness, education, and entertainment. Using the calculator, you can see the impact small changes in behavior have.

We use water throughout the day without much consideration of the amount of water required. Each calculator is meant to help provide insight into the amount of water required in our daily lives. The calculator can help identify where daily usage patterns may be wasteful.

The percentage break out in the report provides insight into which activity/functions demand the most water.


Quick Calc provides fast and interesting facts about water that we may not always be conscious of. How much water does that long shower actually use? How much water could that dripping faucet really lose? These answers are quickly answered in the Quick Calc section.

Household Calc provides an estimate of your household usage over daily, weekly and Yearly intervals. Entering your personal household settings provides the data necessary to calculate an estimate of your household usage.

Settings - Use the setting section of the application to input your personal usage estimates. Click the "Save" button on the right of each screen to save your entered values.

Reports "œ The report provides estimates based on your entered values in the "Settings" section. It is recommended that once your initial settings are entered and saved, that you vary the input to see the impact various water usage aspects have on your personal consumption.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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